Carmelo is on the move to La Possibly

You hear it right Carmelo might be teaming up with Labron in L.A. The chicago bulls is about to wave Carmelo and he will enter the free agency. It is said that L.a will be where he might go.

carmelo is a great player but he don’t know the first thing about winning in the playoff. Some say his glory days are over and his defense he puts no effort in it. I do not know if The Lakers are willing to grab him off free agency or not but i do not think Carmelo will be the first choice for the Lakers. They should focus on getting Anthony Davis first he is young knows how to put the ball in the basket and he plays great defense as well.

Carmelo has been a great scorer for the better part of his carrier but lets get real is he a good fit for The lakers. Once L.A. gets Davis in there back pocket then maybe they should go after Carmelo. But there are younger talent out there that are going to be free agents once the season ends and i think that The Lakers should get Anthony Davis now and wait to the off season and get another super star.

But knowing the The Lakers they are trying to win now and they might take a chance on Carmelo so they can win it all this year. Carmelo have not been the same since he left Oklahoma and that is a big chance they are taken on a player that been with atleast 3 teams for the past year. And aging superstar . Well we will find out soon what the Lakers are trying to do