Black History Month, There Is Talk Of discontinuing The Celebrative month

I just heard not to long ago that America was trying to rid themselves of Black History month and i thought i might give my opinion on this matter.Black history month has been around since forever. I remember back when i was 10 years old in the 5 th grade when the month came around all kinds of black history came on the tv. I remember watching shows like Roots that gave me an idea where i came from and where my homeland is at. From there i started to wonder about myself as i got older and realize that all the people i’ve seen growing up did not come from where i did.

As i got older in high school there was a few topics i excels at and those topics was current events,math and history. That was the only topics in high school that got my attention and i was very good at it do to Black History Month. At one time my mind was at a cross roads of what i want to be in life and i was sure i wanted to go to college to be that. My choices was either the Navy , Business, Lawyer. When came down to it i wanted to go into business believe it or not this month had something to do with my up bring . It Gave me pride of waiting for this month after Christmas of course to see all the black shows that seem to pop up about this time of the year . A kind of a bonus to Christmas you might think.

I waited all year for black history to come back so i can look at these shows and movies for a long time until i got older. Very educational and i liked it . Black History is where i got my love for history and i grew from there to wanting go into archaeology . But the problem was my school and where i came from.

To this day i have a love for history and current events but iam no longer a wiz kid in math.

Black History month gives pride to a people that lacks the info of obtaining the information for them selves especially at that time at my tender young age. And at that time at that month the tv was my info library . I just soaked all the info off the tv and applied to my thinking as i got older and it made me what iam today when it comes to history.

So if you ask me do we need Black History Month i say yes. Black History Mouth reminds every one of the civil rights movement every year after the new year has come and reminds the world the plight that Black people had to go threw to reach there goal to be equal, The reason the holiday is not just a day long and a month long is because it is a beacon to all above all our holidays that we can live in peace and to learn from our mistakes of the past and make sure we do not repeat them. Taking away Black History negates those factors and give white supremacy a one up on bring things back to what they used to be.

Personally i do not see why these people in high place would ever think about doing that. Black History Month implants a Identity to African Americans that the school can’t fully do . Those are my thought s in the matter