Boy, 5, found covered in bruises in same apartment 2-year-old died from child abuse 3/21/2019

A 5 year old boy was attack by unknown person or persons children welfare that went to the home saw bruises on the kids face as well as other saw this on the kid.They did nothing,Then a few days after the kid was found dead and these people have no answers what so ever to this case.

These people that came to this young man’s house who claim to be child welfare people need to lose there jobs. On top of that when the Child Welfare office got the word that a case they was looking at and visited the house too.The child died a few days after there visit to his home they had no answers. In fact they will not return the phone calls of police and reports are shameful

These organize are becoming rouge and they are becoming soulist and I am sorry to say that a lot of organization like Welfare and the Police department as well as the military is following up on this kind of draconian way of thing in this country.