CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson Updates On 2 Men Charged With Murder Of Officer John Rivera 3/25/2019

That is right they got those idiots killed a police officer in chicago. I do not care what kind of hate you have for someone or jealousy since one of the young men wanted to be a Chicago police officer . You do not have the right to take someones life because you feel like doing it.

There was a large gathering in that room that solve this case in a matter of hours. Makes you wonder why the Chicago police only can solve 30 % of the crimes that happens in Chicago.

The leader of the police talked about technology in place and thing got better since he took over.There just one problem with that and how he talked about himself changing the police force in Chicago. If you have all this technology to solve and prevent crime then why Chicago police department only can solve 30% of there crimes.At the same time solve this case with in days where a random shooter came up on a cop and shot him dead and the Chicago police founf them with in a few days

It was like i saw the story and then after i finish the story and posted to my website the people that killed that cop was caught. That is how fast it seemed it was

Iam pretty sure they are going to throw the book at these two and iam sure they are not going to see the light of day ever again.

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Cops Raid Wrong Home During 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party 3/25/2019

wrongful raids

This wrongful raid of black people’s homes is a National past time with the cops.How cops are making mistakes like this is putting the fear of God in the black community!! You think as long as you don’t brake the law in this country you do not have to deal with crazy crap like this ,but you do!!!

Stuff like this is only felt by the criminals of our race. Stuff like this should never happen to law bidden citizens. Things like this get around and put people on red alert of the cops.

This kind of thing happen to me and my family also, the police raided my house and pointing guns at my brothers head it was crazy. The worst part is they had rookies up in our apartment sweeting bullets while swing a gun to all my family members and friends.

In my opinion this is a physiological attack on the innocent population of our people that have jobs and carrier’s and real lives ,that, that you are not safe anymore !!! We have been given the go to treat you like any other criminal in your race. We are blend you the criminal and you the law bidding citizen as one, What this is is for you to slowly except this as the norm for you.And don’t you dare ask for a search warrant because your not really a citizen of this country and i do not need to show you anything,arrest her/him!!!

Black people will probably say we was born in this country but according to white people black people are not citizens and they was never was suppose to be citizens of this great nation. They are even in the process of getting rid of Natural birth citizenship because they are preparing to get rid of there original slaves in this country.Right now, it applies to the Mexican and the scam when they first get here illegally they have alot of kids so they can become citizens.

When they get rid of natural birth citizenship they will point that to African American and there right ot be a citizen of this great country. And that is how African American will be stripped of there citizenship and deported like the Mexican. Or keep you here and treat you like invaders

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2 charged in fatal shooting of off-duty Chicago cop 3/25/2019

There is a war going on between black people and the cops in Chicago we need to say it . What black people are doing and how black people are reacting to Law Enforcement is not normal.

Black people just don’t go around shooting cops for no reason. Maybe, other black people they might do that but against Law Enforcement . I do not think so!!! Maybe things in Chicago is worst than many people outside of Chicago thought.This is not to support there actions in no way but if you are black you have to admit that what these two brothers did was abnormal to who we are as a people.

With that said, these young brothers deserve the highest and hardest sentence that the court can put on these young men. There is no excuse for murder specially a none provoked attack where the cop was just minding his business and doing his job that he swore to do as a police officer.

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Amber Evans

The body of a 28 year old activist was found in the bottom of the
Scioto River . Just before she disappeared the mother got a text message saying that she love her mother and she was sorry.”Now this could be a suicide be you have to ask yourself why did not this young lady call her mother ,why she need to text her mother before committing suicide”?

Report say just before her disappearance she was have huge fight with her boy friend who could be targeted as the main suspect on this case if the police deside that this is in fact is a murder case and not a suicide.

Since she was an activist by trade the public accuse the police of dragging there feet on this case . The Police strongly denies this and said that the was working this case just as hard as all there other missing cases in the era.

To see the full story on what happen to Amber Evans please click on this link


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