Amber Evans

The body of a 28 year old activist was found in the bottom of the
Scioto River . Just before she disappeared the mother got a text message saying that she love her mother and she was sorry.”Now this could be a suicide be you have to ask yourself why did not this young lady call her mother ,why she need to text her mother before committing suicide”?

Report say just before her disappearance she was have huge fight with her boy friend who could be targeted as the main suspect on this case if the police deside that this is in fact is a murder case and not a suicide.

Since she was an activist by trade the public accuse the police of dragging there feet on this case . The Police strongly denies this and said that the was working this case just as hard as all there other missing cases in the era.

To see the full story on what happen to Amber Evans please click on this link


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