CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson Updates On 2 Men Charged With Murder Of Officer John Rivera 3/25/2019

That is right they got those idiots killed a police officer in chicago. I do not care what kind of hate you have for someone or jealousy since one of the young men wanted to be a Chicago police officer . You do not have the right to take someones life because you feel like doing it.

There was a large gathering in that room that solve this case in a matter of hours. Makes you wonder why the Chicago police only can solve 30 % of the crimes that happens in Chicago.

The leader of the police talked about technology in place and thing got better since he took over.There just one problem with that and how he talked about himself changing the police force in Chicago. If you have all this technology to solve and prevent crime then why Chicago police department only can solve 30% of there crimes.At the same time solve this case with in days where a random shooter came up on a cop and shot him dead and the Chicago police founf them with in a few days

It was like i saw the story and then after i finish the story and posted to my website the people that killed that cop was caught. That is how fast it seemed it was

Iam pretty sure they are going to throw the book at these two and iam sure they are not going to see the light of day ever again.

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