City Gave 8 Cops License to Terrorize Residents, Now Officials Say They’re Not Responsible

This what i was talking about on ME TV these cops are becoming criminals and they are back by there captain and politicians that is trying to produce a new kind of environment for black people. An environment where poor blacks are being targeted in the hood by the people that should be protecting them.

There certain hot spots that is Hugh and those hot spot places like Baltimore,New York,Stl,Texas , Florida, and a few other place where law enforcement is being unleash on there civilians.

Personally i think , that this country need a task force that over see the cops. We do not need internal affairs we need a special task force in every state that over see’s the police department as well as the state police . I think the federal government should create and organization that have personal contact with the civilians they are trying to protect. I think they should create and organization that sole mission is to protect civilians from Law enforcement and when i say Law Enforcement i mean all Law enforcement including the FBI.

Now if they can do that then the civilians can have some kind of peace of mind where help from Law Enforcement is a phone call away. We need and organization that do not call themselves police or officers or cops to have no confusing titles that can be related to Law Enforcement . We need a organization sole purpose is to keep the police and the courts honest