Fast food manager shot a man and killed him after a customer spat on her!!! 3/27/2019

A Tulsa Oklahoma fast food manager has been arrest for shooting and killing a man after the man spat on her. The name of the man is Desean Tallent and after Desean Talent spat on this manager in the process of leaving the the fast food restaurant. After about an hour Desean returned to the restaurant to start more problem for the manager .

Deionna Young, 25 year old (manager) of an Arby’s  followed Desean Talent who is also 25 years of age into the parking lot.While Desean retreated back to his car Deionna went to her car and grabbed her gun and shot one shot at Desean car and she coldly went back into the establishment where she worked.

But it seems like from the reading that she did not know that she shot this man in his neck area. The victim tried to drive of out of the parking lot but he crashed and died. The woman did not even have a license for that weapon.

Deionna is not in jail with out bond as we speak

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