Ignorant: Racist Woman Tells Asian Driver To Go Back To Her Country!

PHX Police Chief responds to shoplifting incident

They always giving excuses for these cops that hurt civilians but the fact is that these people have no control of these cops that kill and murder black people with no regard for protocol. You cannot put a bandaid on a bullet hole and that is what this is. Its not the training it is the hiring process That these people that are camera are failing at. not to mention the elected official that allow stuff like this to happen. They don’t get fired and they don’t go to jail that alone she raise eyebrows

Wow: A Teacher With HIV Is Accused Of Hiring A Hitman To Kill 10 Year Old Student Who He Allegedly Molested! 4/21/2019

At Least 138 Dead And More Than 560 Injured In 3 Churches And 2 Hotels Explosions In Sri Lanka! 4/21/2019

It seems vlike most of these church attack in the United States is not targeting a race like the media wants you to believe i believe these attacks that you are seeing here and abroad is an attack on the institution it self . People have proven to the world that has been watching christians for many years that they have failed and they are seeing the church is the enemy of that failor

Congressman Bobby Rush Among Supporters Of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx 4/7/2019

Foxx has taken a lot of heat since her office dropped charges against Jussie Smollet, but she received a public show of support at Rainbow PUSH Coalition Saturday.

City Gave 8 Cops License to Terrorize Residents, Now Officials Say They’re Not Responsible

This what i was talking about on ME TV these cops are becoming criminals and they are back by there captain and politicians that is trying to produce a new kind of environment for black people. An environment where poor blacks are being targeted in the hood by the people that should be protecting them.

There certain hot spots that is Hugh and those hot spot places like Baltimore,New York,Stl,Texas , Florida, and a few other place where law enforcement is being unleash on there civilians.

Personally i think , that this country need a task force that over see the cops. We do not need internal affairs we need a special task force in every state that over see’s the police department as well as the state police . I think the federal government should create and organization that have personal contact with the civilians they are trying to protect. I think they should create and organization that sole mission is to protect civilians from Law enforcement and when i say Law Enforcement i mean all Law enforcement including the FBI.

Now if they can do that then the civilians can have some kind of peace of mind where help from Law Enforcement is a phone call away. We need and organization that do not call themselves police or officers or cops to have no confusing titles that can be related to Law Enforcement . We need a organization sole purpose is to keep the police and the courts honest

Cops Raid Wrong Home During 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party 3/25/2019

wrongful raids

This wrongful raid of black people’s homes is a National past time with the cops.How cops are making mistakes like this is putting the fear of God in the black community!! You think as long as you don’t brake the law in this country you do not have to deal with crazy crap like this ,but you do!!!

Stuff like this is only felt by the criminals of our race. Stuff like this should never happen to law bidden citizens. Things like this get around and put people on red alert of the cops.

This kind of thing happen to me and my family also, the police raided my house and pointing guns at my brothers head it was crazy. The worst part is they had rookies up in our apartment sweeting bullets while swing a gun to all my family members and friends.

In my opinion this is a physiological attack on the innocent population of our people that have jobs and carrier’s and real lives ,that, that you are not safe anymore !!! We have been given the go to treat you like any other criminal in your race. We are blend you the criminal and you the law bidding citizen as one, What this is is for you to slowly except this as the norm for you.And don’t you dare ask for a search warrant because your not really a citizen of this country and i do not need to show you anything,arrest her/him!!!

Black people will probably say we was born in this country but according to white people black people are not citizens and they was never was suppose to be citizens of this great nation. They are even in the process of getting rid of Natural birth citizenship because they are preparing to get rid of there original slaves in this country.Right now, it applies to the Mexican and the scam when they first get here illegally they have alot of kids so they can become citizens.

When they get rid of natural birth citizenship they will point that to African American and there right ot be a citizen of this great country. And that is how African American will be stripped of there citizenship and deported like the Mexican. Or keep you here and treat you like invaders

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City Of Chicago Ordered To Pay $5 Million For Police Shooting Of Gary Smith 3/23/2019

Attorneys for the victim’s family say a Chicago police officer shot and killed 37-year-old Gary Smith in the city’s Austin neighborhood in 2014.

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Trevor Noah Says The Second Amendment Is “Not Intended For Black People” 3/23/2019

Being the host of the Daily Show puts Trevor Noah is the unique position to tackle the issues of the day with humor, but also to get serious when needed. The Huffington Post reports on a case of the latter, when Noah talked about the death of Emantic Bradford Jr. by police in an Alabama Mall on Thanksgiving night.

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Arlene McBean Reinstated as Police Federation Chairman Jamaica 3/18/2019

RedZoneNews.Net The Supreme Court a short while ago ordered that Corporal Arleen McBean is to be immediately reinstated as Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation after she was removed from the post in January.

The police corporal and her attorney, Hugh Wildman, had brought an ex parte notice of application for a mandatory injunction in the Supreme Court on February 18 seeking to have the corporal returned as chairman.

Suspects Captured – Deadly Daylight Robbery (Jamaica-St James) 3/19/2019

There was an amazing robbery in st James Jamaica and it was very deadly.a security guard was killed they to a combined 3 million dollar in cash and checks. Along with the security guard there was two fatalities in the daring robbery

THE GLEANER MINUTE: Four cops arrested … 8 shot, 3 dead in Westmoreland … Ferry pipeline to be fixed (Jamaica) 3/19/2019

FEBRUARY 26, 2019: President of the Jamaica Association for Resettlement of Returning Residents, Percival LaTouche, says he’s not surprised that four cops have been arrested … The Ministry of Education has outlined a draft of proposed regulations, which include clauses muzzling board chairmen, teachers and principals from criticising the ministry … Eight people were shot, three fatally, shortly after 11 o’clock on Monday night in the volatile community of Williamsfield, Westmoreland

“No justice, no peace.” Stephon Clark’s mother comments on DA’s decision 3/4/2019

The Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is expected to announcing her decision in the review of the officer-involved shooting death of Stephon Clark today. Se’Quette Clark, the mother of Stephon Clark, says she spoke with the district attorney in a private meeting on Saturday, March 2 – prior to the noon announcement of the release of the findings in the shooting death of Stephon Clark in 2018. The decision the DA is about to make was what she expected but not what she had hoped for, Mrs. Clark said. “No justice, no peace,” Clark said when asked what should happen next. Follow the District Attorney’s findings here: https://bit.ly/2Het1Fp

The Girls Who Fled To Syria: Groomed By The Islamic State 2/20/2019

In February 2015, three teenage schoolgirls left the comfort of their homes in East London and traveled to Syria to join the self-styled Islamic State (IS). Around 60 women and girls are thought to have made the same journey from Britain. The story of their disappearance dominated the UK press for weeks and the blame game inevitably began to hunt out whose fault it was. When the families of Amira Abase, Shamima Begum, and Kadiza Sultana found out that the police had been interviewing the trio about another girl from their school who had already joined IS, the case was picked up for investigation by the government. But soon certain sections of the press would turn on the families themselves. VICE News gained intimate access to the father of one girl, Amira, and joined him as he dealt with the press and parliament to find out what it’s like for those left behind by the tragic choices of their loved ones.


VERY VERY IMPORTANT! Per “Black History Month” that is observed every Feb. of the year, for the 2019 Special Edition, USA Today decided to entitle their theme: “EXODUS: How Black Migrations Changed Our Nation” — Along with the cover also saying: “400 Years Ago: The African Arrival In America; Black Education Opportunities; Soul Food: USA’S 1st Fusion Cuisine” Now is it a surprise or a coincidence how the U.S. also mentions the 400 years in regards to Congress passing the H.R. 1242 bill signed into law as of Jan. 8th, 2018: “400 Years of African-American History Commission Act.” According to the bill, it establishes a commission that seeks to “develop and carry out activities throughout the United States to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619.” But Who REALLY Arrived In 1619? Noting the prophecies spoken of in Brashyth/Genesis 15:13-14, Ma’ashah/Acts 7:6-7, and other prophetic books and verses (More Linked Below) — Exactly What Time Is It?! Because it’s also interesting how the USA Today also released a report for “Black History Month” on Botswana, “South Africa,” and the Kalahari Desert — intertwining them with “racial harmony.” Coupling this with the “EXODUS” reference, and knowing where the REAL Jerusalem Is (More Linked Below), what exactly are they trying to tell us?! When we also note other prophetic events such as the record U.S. government shutdown, locusts recorded in Saudi Arabia, polar vortex, near-record cold affecting much of the Midwest, apocalyptic activity occurring throughout much of the world, SIGNS noting the 400 years all throughout America (in places such as Kentucky and Hattiesburg, Mississippi), and even the 3 supermoons in a row that will take place as of Jan. Feb. and Mar. 2019 — What TIME Is It REALLY? Not to mention how one of these supermoons “coincidentally” occurred on Jan. 21st, 2019 — which was observed as “Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” and then the third and final one that will begin and commence the 400th Year. We have also noted other Prophetic SIGNS in the sky, such as: 1. Total Solar Eclipse — Occurred On Mon. Aug. 21st, 2017 2. Revelation 12 Sign — Fulfilled On Sat. Sept. 23rd, 2017 3. Full Moon On The 1st Of Abib — Occurring On Wed. Mar. 20th, 2019 With references to slavery, Exodus, 400 Years, and U.S. — Again, the question still remains: What TIME Is It REALLY? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! PROPHETIC TIMES ARE HERE!!! EGYPT AKA AMERICA IS ABOUT TO MOURN!! AMERICA IS ABOUT TO BE JUDGED! BUT THE QUESTION IS, ARE YOU READY?! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — BECAUSE TIME’S ALMOST UP!!!!!

This Just Happened In Los Angeles AND NATIONWIDE! Something MONUMENTAL Coming?

During the week of Feb. 5th-9th, 2019, a series of loud booms rocked downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. These noises were said to be part of a U.S. Army training exercise involving aircraft and weapon simulations “in urban environments.” According to a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD): “Residents may hear sounds associated with the training… Each location selected enables special operations teams and flight crews to maintain maximum readiness and proficiency, validate equipment and exercise standard safety procedures. The training is essential to ensure service members are fully trained and prepared to defend our nation overseas.” But does it strike you odd how this occurred with little-to-no prior knowledge from the residents? This isn’t the first time military drills have been conducted in California — As there have also been the Jade Helm drills hosted as of the summer 2015, along with several more. Not only that, but during the exact same time, there have been series of Wells Fargo outages occurring throughout the entire nation. This “banking outage” has caused transactions, balances, and payroll deposits in online bankings and ATMs to vanish — Along with customers having issues using their credit and debit cards. U.K. banking giant Lloyds has also experienced the same issue during the exact same time. Considering how all of this coincides with the record U.S. government shutdown, polar vortex and near-record cold in major cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit, record snow in major cities such as Seattle, and even reports of snow in Hawaii — What Is REALLY Going On? Could this have anything to do with upcoming martial law? Is it a surprise or coincidence how the U.S. Army also outlines their plans for “civilian inmate” and internment resettlement operations as of 2005 and 2010, respectively? What Is The REAL Reasoning Behind All This?

4 Facts about Heaven Many Don’t Know (New Earth Revealed)A New Heaven And A New Earth

i must say in this video that there was a few things that i did not know about the bible or forgot about it. sit back and enjoy the ride

The Messiah Is In Fact Black!!! And He Was Hung On A Tree!!!

Ive been telling people this for years but as usual one ear goes out the other with people , The enemies of God hang his decedents like they did jesus who suppose to be the son of God and at the same time God himself. And todays white supremacist is in fact the enemy of Jesus and God while telling you that Jesus is white and he was hanged on a cross. i know it is confusing but like the brother said get out of your churches and study the bible before it is to late. If i can find this out you can your churches work for white supremacy

The replacement of Black Americans continues.

The four hundred year prophecy is happening as we speak and no one is hip to the neither was i until i saw this video. God has bless me with knowledge and now he is letting see the 400 year prophecy come to pass

Police brutality? 2019 uk London

At 1:44 the man is handcuffed to the fence buy both wrists so the police officer then saw fit to deal out some personal punishment in the form of an assault. Regardless of what the man in cuffs has done that does not condone assaulting him when he is defenseless like that. This is why the police are hated so much.

Marianne Williamson supports a form of Reparations for the enslavement of Africans

January 31, 2019- Marianne Williamson, who is running for president in 2020, states that she supports a form of Reparations for the enslavement of African descent people in the United States. This is shared for historical purposes.

Meanwhile In Atlanta: Transexual Rapper “Kandie” Out Here With A Whole Music Video In The Trap!

Ok i had to say something about this video!!!! what in the world is going on with Hip- Hop this video is a first an openly Trans leading the way in a rap video, Not just a rap video but a sexy rap video. Brothers and sisters as a culture where in big time trouble. If this is what thug life is about you can keep it

Dem governor under fire for shocking racist yearbook image

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s difficult week ends with another scandal on the heels of his controversial comments on late-term abortion. An image on Northam’s medical school yearbook page shows two men, one in blackface and one in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood; Peter Doocy reports.

Horrifying video shows the moment a dam burst in Brazil and caused a mudslide that has killed 110 and left 248 people still unaccounted for

The dam burst on January 25 in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, killing 115. At least 248 people are still missing.

The video, which appears to have been shot from a crane, shows the mud flowing over a mining operation towards vehicles as they desperately try to escape.

The burst tailings dam at the Corrego do Feijao mine last Friday has ignited intense public anger against mining company Vale.

Our Interview With Bunny Has Garnered National Attention

We interviewed Bunny(Sister that filmed Amber Guyger after she killed Botham Jean) one weekend so she can tell her own story unedited. Since the interview, national outlets have shared our story on Bunny.

Teen Waives Rifle In Front Of Girlfriend’s Face ‘Moments Before Shooting Her Dead’

Teen Waives Rifle In Front Of Girlfriend’s Face ‘Moments Before Shooting Her Dead’. A chilling video shows a teenager waiving an assault rifle in his girlfriends face just moments before police say he fatally shot her.

St. Louis Police Accused Of Obstructing Investigation Into Officer’s Death

The St. Louis city prosecutor penned a sharply worded letter blasting police for immediately calling 24-year-old officer Katlyn Alix’s death an accident.