Most of my life i grew up near bloods . When i was young about 15 or 16 there was no bloods in my projects it was normal black people there working there 9-5 jobs and kids going to school every day and the summers was always a treat in my projects.

Life was good no racism still when i grew up maybe the cops but the cops that was all. You had your clicks and you had drug dealers here and there to make a fast buck or two. Of course every hood have there problems you might see a fight or two in the streets a month and stuff like that gets around . The park was always jam pack with the people that lived in the project. Anyone who is anyone was in the big park doing there thing. My thing was basketball i always knew if i could make a name for myself it would be here in the big park

As time went on as i grew up i notice a new breed of black people moving in my projects did not think nothing to it until one of my friends pointed out that there was bloods in our projects . At the time i did not believe it because i always knew that the Blood Gang was always stationed in L.A> the blood gang spread like wild fire all across the united states and with them drugs more then ever before as well as violence. over the year my projects turn into a slum . you can see people out in public high off there product and murders was the norm. One day you see a person the next day they was gone. Even the big park witch was the central hub in the community was devastated during the summer. Ever time a bunch of black people got together and had a basketball to league there would be shoot outs in the big park. the people running the basketball league had to hire police to over see the league but i guess that cost to much money because a few years after i saw the first police there they stop having the basketball league at the big park. Soon after the big park that used to be the central hub of the community was absent of people year round until this day.

Soon after the big park was no longer the central hub of the community violence revered inside the building where thousands have lived. It was no getting away from the violence the best thing you can do is stay off the block. Violence could hit anyone at any time even if you was not part of the problem all you have to do is stand out in these people mind to the point they think you did something wrong by them.

I haven’t been back at my project for almost Ten years but i keep track on what happens there. And alot of it is not good at all. at one time my project village that i loved so much growing up was in the news almost every month and the reasons was never good.

recently three people was shot by the stores and i knew of one of the victims i played ball with this person.

This just a sample of what i have seen in my project when i was growing up and you know what the violence did not stop until this day. Castle Hill ave was at one time the best projects in The Bronx it was near stores and a huge mall in the back along with a multiplex of 12 screen that was just 10 blocks away that regretful just shut down as well as torn down for another shopping mall that was another central hub until violence and death start showing it face at White Stone multiplex and people stop going there. All social hubs in my project was shut down to the point the only refuge for so called African Americans was in the social media.

People stop speaking face to face and start posting on social media and when they met in the streets a lot of times it was for fight or arguements. The build super interdependent of Castle project stop carrying who came in the projects. That when all hell broke lose in my projects. The people in my projects are living in rat infested apartment and mold growing on the wall of the apartment the super and its team do not want to fix nothing anymore because the problems they have when they go to these apartments

That right and more things happen in those building when it come to running a stable and productive projects. The only reason they clean up the projects is because the camera’s was there. The people that run those project don’t care about the people living there because like i said the element that moved up in those project and that is the Blood and Crips. Personally i do not know if the Crips live there but i do know the Bloods live there and according to what i learned living there all my life is because the people of N.Y,C.H.A does not respect the people in New York City Housing is because the Blood and Crip Element they are all over every project. If the people of Castle Hill want once was the best project in The Bronx back they are going to have to get rid of all these bad apple that in the projects who are members of these so called gangs Before N.Y.C.H.A chase all of them out of there beloved Castle Hill Projects. They did it in Chicago with Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Housing Project

Personally i do not know if New York Housing would ever destroy My project but i have a good feeling and with good reason that they would try to replace minorities in those buildings with white people because white people lived in my projects first. There are many signs that i know this might be taken place. From where my project is at getting to down town where most white people work at is a snap.2} They are renovating the Mall in the back like i have never seen before . Business like Star Bucks have moved into that Mall (The Bruckner Mall) . have you ever seen a starbucks in a majority African American Mall, The answer to that is ,no!!!! 3) Caucasian people walking around with some kind of telescope device, taking tours in and out of the projects. 4) Hooking up a security system threw out all the buildings that is never on. To me with the security system that is mocking black people saying that your residents is not secured by you and it is up for the taking.5) Announcing that all New York Public housing is up for sale by New York Housing Authorties.. first let look at this video to show you more neglect by the city housing Authority

There is good people in the projects and evil people in N.Y.CH.A and these people try to find an excuse to neglect the projects in N.Y.C so they just let anybody with some money in the projects. There so many people i knew moved out of the project and there so many people moving in my project i did not know and did not care to meet some of them. Before i knew it at one time i knew everyone in the projects and all of a sudden i hardly knew anyone in the projects because normal good hard working people was moving out of the project and harden gang members start moving into the project, Some accepted these Bloods in my projects to be one of them . The destroying of the projects where mostly Hispanics and Blacks live is a clever plan to get black people out of the project and replace them with Caucasians, Do to the Violence and Drugs as well as welfare and fatherless homes that is in there.

Its a shame to see this developed over the span of 25 years in my projects even though its slow its still happening to people that live in the project. The news is making the projects seem as a haven for crime every day in the news they cover and these gangs called the Bloods and the Crips play a major role in the down fall of these projects.

I seen it myself Caucasians along with promlent black people inthe projects in tow showing these people the projects . Afew years later Caucasians fixing up our build putting security system in that never worked. Shoot, you see the construction in one of my video of one build today and ive been gone for about ten years ,what heck are they doing anyway!!! it crazy.

Please leave a comment and as well as share this post to every body in NYC The Blood and the crips is playing there role in the projects and New York city Housing Authority is playing there’s its a game and usually black people get the short end of the stick


  1. I know this is true. I am from Brooklyn. I came up during the crack era which was the beginning of the end. After Guiliani started thr NYC Quality of Life initiative in the 90s. The police locked up or killed more Black and Brown men and children in NYC history. That is what set the stage for Bloods and Crips to set uo shop in NY. Which they did via Riker Island. LA gangs had been trying to set up shop in NY for years but they could not because of native homegrown crews, clicks, posses and gangs. It was them who kept out of town gangs at bay. Once Guilinani enforced his gestapo tactics on the people of NYC that left a void then easily filled by West Coast gangs… NY has never been the same since.

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    1. They came in my projects these gangs with out me even knowing it was crazy at that time people getting knocked of like flies .they still are but now its like the police and the gangs are working together


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