Heartbreaking: 15-Year-Old Reportedly Found Dead And Mutilated, And It’s Getting No News Coverage


Sadaria Davis is being talked about on social media but nowhere else.

This is a damn shame African Americans in Chicago is missing and the news not even reporting on female that are going missing . Sandria Davis was a friend of another young lady that was killed in a hotel and was found in a freezer her name was Kaneeka Jenkings. It it is said that both of these young African Americans was killed for there organ

Sandra was only 15 years old she was last seen near
East Garfield Park in Chicago last seen by her mother . only six block away she was found dead with her organs missing.

The news is saying nothing of this and it disturbs me that this is happening in this country. They also said that not only the organs was missing but her fingers was missing to. That is madness to me because we are are talking about a 15 year old child here. And Kaneeka Jenkins was just 19 years old as well our teen are all vanishing by the boat load and there is no Media coverage what so ever make me think that the Police as well as the media is working together and you know what that means, that is right the rich is behind that curtain.

Black people are working class people in America and as well as poor easy target for people that don’t want to wait in line for organs at the hospital. These are young girls just starting there lives and get snuffed out of the world for being young and black..

To my dismay black people are asking for answers to this young ladies death as well as the death of Kaneeka Jenkins but they will not get any especially if the rich and powerful is behind it there is nothing for black people to do it seem. They want transparency but they never get some whole lost love ones get paid of and they can’t talk about the love ones tragic death to the media and get justice they just fade away in the crowed of the African American populous and never to be heard from again, Not once an African American Family after losing a loved one that i know of ever turned down the money that the courts give them and just wanted justice for there child it’s disturbing. Iam not saying it did not happen but i never saw it.

Sandra Davis did not die like Kanneka Jenkins where as Kaneeka was raped and thrown in a freezer where the Hotel could not fine her for 2 whole days . And mind you that there are reports that Kaneeka had her organs removed as well.

I mean how in the heck you do that to two young girls for get the nationalities but there is a business in America that prays on innocent young women and especially of African American descent and it is big business in this country.

I just had a thought if this is going on in this country and rich people are involved with this practice of steal young women’s organs in the united states of America how long it will be in America that this practice would be legalized ? A scary thought i know especially when i watch the united state systematically ran big corporation out of America in the early 2000’s.

Please pray for the families of Sandra Davis and Kanneeka Jenkins because there is something strange happening in this country. I would go deep with Kaneeka Jenkins in her murder but this is about Sandra Jenkins and her story black people protect your kids.

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