Former judge dragged out of court after being sentenced

In court Monday, a Hunter supporter was caught on camera rushing toward her and her lawyers. Law enforcement officials stopped the individual and when they went to escort Hunter out of the courtroom, she forced the officer to drag her out.

Former Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter went limp and was forcibly removed from court after being sentenced to jail time on Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hunter was sentenced to six months minus a day in jail at the Hamilton County Justice Center, followed by a year of community control.

The former judge was accused of giving her brother confidential records while he was in the process of being fired as a juvenile court employee after punching a teen inmate.

Hunter was convicted in 2014 of unlawful interest in a public contract, which is a felony, but was convicted on only one of nine charges. She was supposed to begin serving her sentence in 2016, when she was found guilty, but appeals have delayed it until they expired on Monday.