Female Bus Driver Got Urine Thrown In Her Face 4/16/2019

New York, NY — Trellis Robinson, a 43-year old MTA bus driver, suffered from injuries after a man attacked her and threw urine in her face while she was at a bus stop loading up passengers. The incident is just one of many recently reported attacks on bus operators in the New York City area.Robinson was driving a BX2 route last Friday and was stopped at 138th Street and Grand Concourse when a man on the sidewalk suddenly threw a liquid — believed to be urine — on her face.

“I made the right turn to load up my passengers, as they loaded I close the door and I as I proceeded to turn my head to look in the mirror to pull out of the bus stop he was at my window,” Robinson told NBC 4 New York.

Robinson said the shocking incident has been traumatic for her.

“It literally went all in my face my hair, it dripped all down the left side of my body, it went inside my shirt. All around my neck,” Robinson said.

Earlier that day, another female bus conductor was punched in the face and splashed with urine at Brooklyn Avenue Station before the suspect fled.

Both women were treated at a local hospital after suffering from pain, nausea, and redness and burning sensation around the eyes.

Oneshia Portlette-Shade, chairwoman of the Transport Workers Union Local 100, said the attack was a part of a growing problem. In other incidents, bus drivers have been spit on, thrown with bleach, and even stabbed.

“These senseless attacks are disgusting and disgraceful,”  NYC Transit President Andy Byford said. “I’ve asked NYPD to step up patrols in response to the subway incident in addition to our prior request to increase police presence on buses, and we will do whatever we can to help NYPD identify the perpetrator or perpetrators including sharing any video surveillance that may exist.”

No one has been arrested yet in connection to the attack. An investigation is ongoing and the police are still looking for the suspect, who was described as “a black male, about 5-feet-7 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds, wearing a Navy sweatshirt with a hood, khaki pants and red sneakers.”

5-Year Old Boy Left on School Bus For 7 Hours — and the Driver Apparently Knew!

Pike Creek, DE — Ibn Polk, a 5-year old boy from Delaware, was very scared when he was left alone inside a school bus for about 7 hours. The school bus driver, who allegedly knew that the child was still on board, has been fired from her job for neglect.

Ibn reportedly fell asleep during the bus ride to Linden Hill Elementary in Pike Creek, Delaware. Officials believe that the driver didn’t do her usual sweep after dropping off the students to school. Security footage at the time of the incident also appeared to show that other students informed the driver that Polk was still inside but she ignored it.

“When she didn’t do that, that made it seem like she didn’t really care,” his father Abdul Polk told ABC News.

Polk’s parents weren’t immediately called when he was marked absent. They were only notified after the daily automatic call goes out to parents with absent children.

“I didn’t really know what was going on because I know I dropped my baby off at the bus stop and he was on the bus,” his mother Ivana Dennis said.

Polk was found 7 hours later when the driver went back for her afternoon rounds to get the student and she heard him cough.

Polk seemed to be traumatized after being left behind on his school bus on a freezing cold temperature. He didn’t eat for the whole time because there was a rule that students can’t eat on the bus. He was also found soaking wet as he urinated on himself.

Meanwhile, the driver, who had a 20-year experience, was fired from the Sutton Bus Company