Cop’s caught the man that torched three black churches 4/13/2019

This man done did someything that has not been seen since the sixties when he decided to burn down 3 black churches by himself in 10 days. You can’t get no closer to the African American history than that. This man is pure evil to do such a thing and we at Redzonenews.Net can no way pass up this kind of story.

Holden Mathews , a son of a law enforcement officer purposely and satanically in all it forms burned down three place of worship. Now the police is trying to tell the public that the reason Holden Matthews targeted these churches is because the heavy music he listened to that talked about burning churches down to the grown

These people think people are stupid!!! Holden Mathews targeted these churches and plan his attack based on racial motivations.Authorities also said they took there time on this case because of the racial implications but people should refuse to believe that this man burned down these church other than hatred for black people and there place of worship.

It is not clear if Holden Matthews is a member of any fascist group and that this was just the work of a single individual. Report say that Holden’s father turned him in and now this man is facing 15 years in prison for his crimes.

The father of this young man was shocked and broken hearted when he found out what his son did and it is a shame a father have to see his son become a criminal and have the feeling that he have failed his son.

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