Body of missing two-year-old Minnesota girl is found in a highway ditch five days after ‘her mother was murdered by the child’s father’ 3/16/2019

Milwaukee police believe they have discover the body of a missing fwo year old girl whose mother was this weekend

On Saturday the body of a child Noelani Robinson was found in a highway ditch in southeastern Minnesota after Police got a tip Friday night.Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales told the press Saturday morning saying authorities have ID the body as Noelani,pending formal identification and preliminary results.

Noelani went missing after her mother was found murdered in her home

The child’s mother Sierra Robinson , 24, was fataly shot and Noelani’s father Dariaz Higgins, accused of the mothers murder

Higgins was arrested on Wednesday and charged with first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon and first degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon. 

He was not with his daughter when he got arrested and the police ask about his daughter and where she was the story he gave them was not true.

So the police decided to launch a nation wide search for the young Amber alert was given.

The Police issued a 5,000 dolar for the location of the young girl

Her body was found after an off-duty Department of Public Works employee called in the tip Friday evening saying they saw something on the side of the road on Highway 218, near Austin, Minnesota.  

Believe or not another that did not a man that have anything to do with the case called tips and alerted them that there was something on the side of the road.

‘He called this tip into the local police department. Off of Highway 218 15 miles north of Austin, Minnesota (which is southwest of Rochester) and just off the shoulder was a blanket. Inside that blanket and wrapped in there was the body of a child we believe is that of Noelani,’ he added. 

Mean while in Baltimore A Woman Came Up ON A Kid And Started A Conversation And The Woman Open Fire On The 11 Year Old 3/16/2019

A Baltimore woman just walked up to a kid on Cherry Hill playground Late Thursday afternoon, Start talking to a young boy she did not know, Then opened fire on the boy and his mother, Police said,

Nichole George ,31, of seagull ave ,is charged with several counts of attempted first – degree murder, first and second degree assault and Hand gun Violations,according to police.

“Geaorge started talking with the 11 year old boy and not to long after they started to talk she allegedly pulled out a gun and shot both the 11 year old and the mother. The commissioner says detective are still working on the why part of this story.

When she pulled out the gun and shot the mother and her kid there where dozens of other kids in the park

George is being held at Baltimore central booking. The charge were not listed in court friday morning.

Friday there was a community meeting at the park people got together to mourn this incident . As wellsorganizations like the anti-violence program for safe streets

Gathered next to the play ground to pray for the boy and his mother.

Police said the attack took place just before 6 pm near round road and seagull avenue . The boy was shot in his hand and head. His mother , 34, was shot in the upper body. Both were takedn to the hospital for treament.

This crazy girl return to the scene and was arrested on sight;The young boy was listed as critical but stable condition friday mourning.

The icident is just the latest incident of Baltimore children becoming victims of gun violence.In November another kid was seriously injured by gun violences 5 year old Amy Hayes this young woman was just walking to the store . Amy Hayes has a relative who was also shot Taylor Hayes a 7 year old girl who was fatally shot in july while riding in the back seat of a car in southweat Baltimore

Taylor Hayes
Amy Hayes

Major Monique Brown, commander of the Southern District, who responded to the shooting and attended Friday’s vigil, said violence against children is especially difficult. As a mother and grandmother, she said it’s hard not to internalize the incident.

“You go home , you can’t sleep. I think ” i could have done more?”

The community came up and stepped up and helped the police make a arrest in the case. I say “SAY NO TO NO SNITCHING”

Reward increased to $15,000 for info on 2016 murder of teenager burned to death 2/19/2019

Nearly two and a half years after 15-year-old Demetrius Griffin was burned to death on the West Side, his family has announced the reward for information about his killer has increased to $15,000.

Griffin, a freshman at Steinmetz High School, was found inside a burning trash can in the Austin neighborhood on Sept. 17, 2016. Officers discovered his body when they responded to a call of a refuse fire in the 5500 block of West Cortez Street.

The teenager’s death was ruled a homicide and an autopsy later determined he had been burned alive. His case has remain unsolved.

New contributions from community and faith leaders increased the reward from $10,000, Griffin’s aunt Rochelle Sykes said Monday.

Sykes said her family continues to be “heartbroken” by her nephew’s death.

Griffin’s image — along with those of four other child victims of Chicago violence — is included in a stained glass window at the West Side New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, 4301 W. Washington Blvd. The window, Sykes said, will be officially unveiled Sunday.

Sykes said it’s important that people don’t hear about these cases and forget. For low-income families from poor neighborhoods, Sykes said, homicides are all too often “swept up under the rug.”

“That’s not right,” Sykes said. “No child deserves what he got. My family has no closure … and this city is doing nothing.”

Florida student faces charges after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance 2/19/2019

An 11-year-old student in Florida is facing charges after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and creating a disturbance in the classroom, police said.

The boy was arrested for causing a disruption and refusing repeated instructions from school staff and law enforcement, Polk County Public Schools spokesperson Kyle Kennedy said in a statement. He was not arrested for refusing to participate in the pledge – even though students have the right to do so by Florida law and district policy.

The sixth-grader from a Tampa suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher the flag is “racist” and the national anthem is offensive to black people, Bay News 9 reported, citing a statement the teacher gave the district.

In response, the teacher said she asked the student why not go to another place to live if it was “so bad here.” She said he answered, “They brought me here.”

The substitute, identified by district officials as Ana Alvarez, said, “Well, you can always go back because I came here from Cuba and the day I feel I’m not welcome here anymore, I would find another place to live.”

Alvarez said she called the office on Feb. 4 because she did not want to keep “dealing with him,” according to her statement. An officer and a school administrator tried to calm the student, the Lakeland Police Department said in a Sunday night press release. The administrator asked him to leave the classroom more than 20 times, police said, and the student allegedly made threats while being escorted to the office. 

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Police transported the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy student to the Juvenile Assessment Center and charged him with disrupting a school function and resisting an officer without violence, the Lakeland Police Department said.

Officers would not arrest a student for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance, public information officer Gary Gross told USA TODAY on Sunday, but, in general, would arrest a student for screaming, yelling and making threats.

Dhakira Talbot, the boy’s mother, told Bay News 9 that she wants the charges dropped. She denied the arrest affidavit accusing her son of threatening to beat the teacher, the station reported.

“She was wrong. She was way out of place,” Talbot told Bay News 9. “If she felt like there was an issue with my son not standing for the flag, she should’ve resolved that in a way different manner than she did.”

Alvarez no longer works as a substitute in the district, Kennedy said, adding that the teacher did not know students weren’t required to participate in the pledge. The district will also review training for substitutes, Kennedy said.

First Amendment rights prevent schools from requiring students to recite the pledge or salute the flag, the Supreme Court ruled in 1943.

Caring parents’ one mistake cost the life of an autistic Bronx tot — ‘Hold on to your children,’ says grieving mom 2/18/2019

Four-year-old Helena Flores was autistic, so her caring parents made sure to child-proof their home.

The one thing they overlooked — an open window high enough that it seemed out of reach — was deadly to the Bronx toddler.

Just before 5 p.m. Saturday, Helena climbed up to the window, which was cracked open two inches so her bedroom wouldn’t get too hot.

Somehow, Helena opened it further — and fell from her fourth-floor apartment to the pavement below.

On Sunday, Helena’s parents had planned a Peppa Pig-themed birthday party in the family’s home on E. 140th St. near Cypress Ave. in Mott Haven. Their daughter turned four years old last Tuesday.

Instead, they spent the day grieving.

“She was loved and was safe. My whole home is childproofed because Helena’s autistic,” said Hilda Flores, the girl’s mother. “We just overlooked one small detail.”

Helena Flores
Helena Flores (Obtained by New York Daily News)

Flores said the tiny kids’ bedroom contains two radiators — so she often left the window open to keep the space from getting too hot.

Flores said she was asleep when her daughter fell, and that her sister and niece were on babysitting duty.

“I am currently experiencing back pain, I am currently on muscle relaxers trying to deal with the pain,” said Flores. “I went to take a nap and I woke up when my sister ran in the room and asked if Helena was with me.”

Flores said she and her sister frantically searched the tiny apartment and quickly discovered the bedroom window was wide open and Helena’s body was sprawled below.

“We was told she had died on impact,” said Flores. “Although no amount of words could console my family and I, knowing she didn’t suffer gives an inch of peace.”

Flores said the family cut a cake on Helena’s birthday Tuesday. She was proud that Helena blew out her candles unassisted.

“When you have an autistic child, things like that are big,” she said.

Building located at 685E 140th Street in the Bronx. 4-year-old Helena Flores died after she toppled out of a fourth-floor window into a parking lot behind the building, police said.
Building located at 685E 140th Street in the Bronx. 4-year-old Helena Flores died after she toppled out of a fourth-floor window into a parking lot behind the building, police said. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for New York Daily News)

Flores said her husband went to Home Depot on Sunday afternoon to get childproofing equipment for the window from which Helena fell.

“We were one of those parents that would say, ‘No, not me. Not my kid,’” said Flores. “We were extra careful in our household. One mistake changed all of this in a split second.”

The family was waiting to hear from the hospital to begin arranging Helena’s funeral .

“Helena was very smart, very bright,” Flores said. “She had high functioning autism, but she was a bright, bright little girl. She was very athletic, very into gymnastics. She was always climbing and jumping.”

Helena had one sister and three brothers, Flores said.

“It was truly a small mistake that caused a tragedy, a mistake that anyone could have overlooked,” said Flores. “Hold onto your children because accidents like this can happen to anyone at any moment.”

5-Year Old Boy Left on School Bus For 7 Hours — and the Driver Apparently Knew!

Pike Creek, DE — Ibn Polk, a 5-year old boy from Delaware, was very scared when he was left alone inside a school bus for about 7 hours. The school bus driver, who allegedly knew that the child was still on board, has been fired from her job for neglect.

Ibn reportedly fell asleep during the bus ride to Linden Hill Elementary in Pike Creek, Delaware. Officials believe that the driver didn’t do her usual sweep after dropping off the students to school. Security footage at the time of the incident also appeared to show that other students informed the driver that Polk was still inside but she ignored it.

“When she didn’t do that, that made it seem like she didn’t really care,” his father Abdul Polk told ABC News.

Polk’s parents weren’t immediately called when he was marked absent. They were only notified after the daily automatic call goes out to parents with absent children.

“I didn’t really know what was going on because I know I dropped my baby off at the bus stop and he was on the bus,” his mother Ivana Dennis said.

Polk was found 7 hours later when the driver went back for her afternoon rounds to get the student and she heard him cough.

Polk seemed to be traumatized after being left behind on his school bus on a freezing cold temperature. He didn’t eat for the whole time because there was a rule that students can’t eat on the bus. He was also found soaking wet as he urinated on himself.

Meanwhile, the driver, who had a 20-year experience, was fired from the Sutton Bus Company